About the Press

We are an ambitious young company that follows the next principals: Open Science, Transparent Science, Accessible Science. Nowadays, we can observe changes in the publishing model of research outcomes. These changes are called Open Science. It means open access to academic knowledge for any person who is interested in science or carrying out research. This approach is made possible through collaborative networks among research and development entities, scientific funds, universities, publishers, etc. We can not stay outside this process and therefore, our mission is carrying on to develop Open Science by providing the online service of direct access to scientific outcomes.

RS Global is an International Scholarly Publisher. It was founded in 2017 in Poland and publishes peer-reviewed indexing academic journals, monographs, books, proceedings of conferences.
The publisher's main goal is disseminating Open Science through the publication of open access to scientific articles.
We focus on the following state-of-the-art scientific fields: medicine, engineering science, social science, transport, and economics. Now we publish six academic journals and provide quality scientific information that helps our customers being more efficient in their jobs, research and education.