Liubov Mykhailova; Andrii Mykhailov; Larysa Kalachevska; Nataliya Stoyanets; Tetyana Kharchenko; Viktoriia Tkachenko; Yarmila Tkal; Yulia Abraham; Olena Slavkova


The monograph contains the results of researches conducted by scientists of Sumy National Agrarian University within the framework of the implementation of the state research theme “Institutional support of sustainable development of rural territories under the conditions of administrative and territorial reform” (state registration number 0117U004254, 2017–2019y.).
The monograph is devoted to the theoretical and practical basics of managing the sustainable development of rural territories at different levels, which are shaped by integration and globalization challenges. Peculiarities of ensuring sustainable development of rural territories under the conditions of administrative and territorial reform are outlined; highlights the basics of infrastructure management and innovation and investment development of regions in the context of sustainable development; directions of improvement of institutional support of sustainable development of rural territories under conditions of market transformations are determined; The urgent issues of ensuring the livelihoods of the rural population in relation to social security, development of education, and environmental protection are characterized.
For researchers, teachers, graduate students and students, business leaders and governing bodies of different levels, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in sustainable rural development.


  • Prerequisites and Factors of Population Employment Development in Rural Areas
  • Conceptual Approaches to Managing Sustainable Rural Development in the Conditions of Administrative-Territorial Reform
  • Sustainable Long-Term Care Insurance in Japan: Experience and Enlightenment
  • Consequences of State Interpretation in Agricultural Production and Tasks of Analysis of Agrarian Policy
  • Prospects for the Development of Agricultural Policy in the Field of Grain Export
  • Management the Process of Efficient Use of Natural Resources in Ukraine
  • Basic Approaches to the Assessment of State Support of the Agrarian Sector
  • Infrastructure Provision as a Priority for Rural Development in Ukraine
  • Motivation Mechanism in Kindergarten Management in China
  • Construction of Rural Governance Capacity Evaluation Indicators – Based on Investigation of Rural Areas in Henan Province
  • Methodological Principles for Determining the Impact of Environmental Determinants on the Sustainability Level of the Agricultural Sector in The Short and Long Term
  • The Impact of Demographic and Socio-Economic Factors on the Development of Rural Communities
  • The Justification of the Mechanism for Innovative Provision of Sustainable Rural Development
  • Institutional Aspects of Ensuring Population Guarantees of Access to Education in the Context of Implementing Administrative-Territorial Reform
  • Conceptual Approaches to Estimating Regional Economic Development Under Administrative-Financial Decentralization in Ukraine


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January 6, 2020

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