S.M. Ospanova


The monograph analyzes various welded metal structures. The design of reinforcing cages of round, hot-rolled, cold-rolled, cold-flattened steel of periodic profile has been studied. During the welding process, the possibility of splashes has been established that affects the strength of the welded joint, and is associated with large energy losses. This phenomenon is accepted as an indicator of the quality of the welding process.
The process of heating by contact welding of crossed round rods is described.
It was found that the higher the current, the relatively later the limiting state sets in, the shorter the welding duration and the less the possibility of overheating the nearcontact region.
Issues of rational technology of resistance welding of reinforced concrete reinforcement have been developed. The parameters of the mode of electric contact welding of crossing round rods are determined.
The publication may be of interest to a wide range of readers interested in the problem of studying energy-saving technologies for the manufacture of metal structures with rod elements, including researchers, teachers and students of higher educational institutions in the field of energy conservation.


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May 17, 2022

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